Thinly sliced beef rolled with prosciutto & a hard boiled egg, braised slowly in our family marinara

Chicken Saltimbocca
Boneless chicken breast wrapped in prosciutto and sage

Chicken Cacciatore
Bone-In chicken braised in a hearty tomato sauce loaded with fresh veggies

Thick sliced porketta smothered in caramelized fennel & onions and served with Salsa verde

Sicilian Sausage (hot or mild)
Our homemade sicilian sausage smothered in marinara

chianti braised beef brisket
chianti braised brisket thinly sliced and smother in cremini mushshrooms

parma flank steak
steak rolled w/prosciutto & parmigiano regiano smother in lambrusco sauce

Pescatarian options available upon request